My Review On Spiderman: No Way Home

As MCU introduced spiderman to the Avengers from Civil War, I am not the only one who was unsatisfied with spiderman’s character played by Tom Holland. But That’s not the case now, Now, personally, I found this movie as the biggest masterpiece ever created. With at least five villains, rumors of returning Spider-Men, a record-breaking trailer and the concept of the multiverse opening it all up, Spider-Man: No Way Home plays just about every trump card it has to claim the title of the next Avengers: Endgame.

1 month ago

RRR Movie Review

RRR movie review: SS Rajamouli has directed the Ram Charan-Jr NTR starrer. RRR is a roaring, rearing, rousing mix of genres — epic-mythological-action-superhero-bromance, that very SS Rajamouli concoction, which we are invited to swallow in one humungous gulp. It is also, needless to say, deafeningly loud. A fictional history of two legendary revolutionaries journey away from home before they began fighting for their country in the 1920s.

1 month ago

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