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How to add one-tap login to laravel

Let's see how you can implement google one tap login in laravel. Here you can see, it looks really nice and is automatically pup ups showing the default users' information. In this article, I will show you, the steps to add one-tap login to your laravel project.

What we are going to do?
Create laravel project Get Google Auth Key from Google Console ID
Display Pop Up and Button
Add login route Create a Controller to handle login logic
Passing and displaying user's information from the controller

Well, that's all we are covering in this article. 
By following this tutorial, you will get one tap login feature on your laravel website. 
After getting the user's information, you can store it on a database and etc as your requirement. 

Creating Laravel Project

To implement one tap login, create a fresh new laravel project or use an existing project if you have already.

Get google auth API keys from https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/credentials In order to implement the login feature, you need google’s API. I am not covering that in this article. I am considering you have your keys as <API-KEY>. Don’t Forget to add Javascript Authorized URL, Otherwise, it won’t work

Displaying Login Button and PopUp

Now, we are going to display default connected Google accounts on our website. Users will get a popup menu showing their Google Id. They can log in directly by clicking on that.

For implementing this feature just add the following code on your page with a script tag like this.

Congrats, You implemented the One Tap Login Page. Now we need to log in user after clicking on that account.

Look at here,

Here you can find data-login_uri, and add a post route with the controller as your choice.

Like this,

Now I am creating functions inside our controller.

Now after clicking your google account, you can get a response like this with all user details as you required. 

Just store that and login user as you need. 

Well, If you need more help, you can leave your problems on our Facebook group. We are currently building this platform so it is kind of quiet here. Anyway, we are fully here if you need any support.

And If you want to check how all this one-tap login works, you can check that on this website. We also implemented that one-tap login here so you can directly login using your Google account, which stores the user’s data and logs the user in.

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