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Garuda Linux Overview

Believe me or not but Linux was always been boring for me. As a kid, I always wanted to be cool like a hacker (Inspired by Movies and YouTube). But that is not the case for now. Today, I am a developer, creating really stupid things that come to my mind and also writing some silly blogs.


In the past years, I tried Kali Linux, Ubuntu and a lot of Linux environments but those are not pleasant for me. I mean, they really provided cool tools to play with but those are not visually pleasing and also I can’t use those for long period. Kali provides you really all the tools needed for you to try hacking and penetration testing. But still, that’s not enough comfortable. The UI is not so perfect for me. Nowadays as a developer, I am much more command friendly that’s why I wanted to switch from Windows to Linux I tried some research and found out about this new Linux called Garuda Linux.


Actually, I was originally developed by Indian communities and the name was also inspired by Garuda (Garud, whose references can be found in traditional books and tales). So I decided to give it a try. I have an SSD for the main OS (Windows) and also an external hard disk so I decided to install and create a portable Linux environment. After some Googling and YouTube help, I successfully installed Garuda on my external drive and as I wished, now I have a portable Linux that I can use on any computer.

(Believe me, creating a portable version really sucks. If you want a similar portable, well comment down below. I will provide a detailed video about that soon.)


Well, to be honest, I am really loving this Garuda Linux very well. It is clean, simple, nice and smooth for me. Maybe this Linux may little slow for you but I am 100% sure if you were using Windows 10, It will perform definitely like a rocket. But don’t worry I will provide my system configuration details here so you can compare and try.

My Laptop

RAM: 8 GB (I know that is not so great)

CPU: i3 (Don’t Laugh 😅)

SSD: (Internal, but there was Windows installed so)

HDD: (Here I installed Garuda)


Well, That’s all I have. I have an SSD but I installed Garuda on HDD and really It working perfectly fine for me. You can try that out if you wanna but as a programmer, little tech dude, I also wanted some really good-looking Linux, and Garuda fulfilled me. It also supports modification, nice animations, and really great shortcut keys for fast working. I can open the terminal anywhere, anytime, on any folder just using a shortcut key. Which was really 

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